About DJ Hybrid

DJ Hybrid is a Jungle Drum & Bass Producer & DJ from the UK, Voted as 'Best Breakthrough Producer' and 'Best Breakthrough DJ' at the We Love Jungle Awards 2015. Representing  - Serial Killaz, Deep In The Jungle, Natty Dub, Audio Addict, Rumble In  The Jungle, Ruffneck Ting, Liondub International & Sub-Liminal

 DJ Hybrid started out DJing in 2004 in the city of Coventry and quickly  became well known for his diverse styles and his monthly podcasts, it  wasn’t until 2008 that he started to learn how to produce music and in  2010 he started up his first label called ‘Audio Addict Records’ where  his debut release ‘Step Up’ was released on a exclusive vinyl run and  was sold worldwide. 

Over the last few years DJ Hybrid has become one of the leaders of the modern Jungle movement and is a firm favourite with Drum & Bass fans and Junglists alike, his unique style has made him stand out amongst the crowd and gain a loyal following worldwide. His many contributions to the Jungle Drum & Bass scene includes anthems such as 'Puffin Erbz' and 'Badboy' he has also remixed such Jungle classics as Good Body Girl, Luv Ta Luv Ya, Gallist by Top Cat and The Hitman by Marvellous Cain.

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